Phantom Flex 4k KIRA Food Reel

This food reel was shot on the Phantom Flex 4k using the KIRA motion control robot by myself and Daniel Hurst. We spent 3 days at the Motorized Precision studios in Portland Oregon. Everything was recorded Phantom Raw to cine mags and encoded to Prores HQ for faster editing in Premiere. I cut the whole project on premiere along with some BTS clips i shot while we were on set. I did a light color pass in Davinci Resolve adjusting the high, mids, lows, adding a little saturation when needed and a LUT at around 30% depending on the clip. We wanted to add just a little to the color while still maintaining a natural look. All shots were lit with three Mole senior 900watt LED fresnels balanced to daylight through an 8×8 silk using fill cards when/where needed.

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