GNCU Aspire Commercial

This commercial was edited for Greater Nevada Credit Union and is loaded with sweet aerial shots of the Reno Nevada Area

Client: GNCU
Director: Jerry Dugan
Editor: Chris Vanderschaaf
Colorist: Chris Vanderschaaf
Aerial Filming: Copter Kids LLC

I was hired by FLF Films to edit this commercial for Greater Nevada Credit Union. It’s always awesome working with award winning director Jerry Dugan on any project. Pulling off so many amazing aerial shots wouldn’t be possible without the Copter Kids. They are hands down the best crew of RC aerial cinematographers I have ever met.
The footage was shot with the RED Epic, and Sony FS700 cameras.
I cut the spot together using Adobe Premiere CS6 and Adobe After Effects CS6.
Color Grading was done with Davinci Resolve 9 and the wave panel board.

There was quite a bit of vfx work on this spot… see if you can tell what shot.

 Video Transcript

It’s Time.
It’s Time.
It’s time your checking account paid you money for a change.
It’s time
It’s time you put yourself back in control of your money.
It’s time for Greater Nevada Credit Unions New We Aspire checking account.
Open your we aspire account today.
It’s time to live greater Nevada.
At GNCU dot org