Gelarti Dazzles Commercial

Another amazing commercial from the team at FLF Films. I had the privilege to edit this one as well.

Director: Jerry Dugan
Producer: Erika Bellis
1st Assistant Director: Garrett Freberg
Production Manager: Tillman Frick
DP: Ryan Baker
AC: Lawrence Coleman
DIT: Chris Vanderschaaf
Editor: Chris Vanderschaaf
Gaffer: Dave Bunge
Key Grip: Mitch Hawkins
Grip/Driver: Richard Sutherland
Grip: Chad Huffman
BB Electric: Mike Booth
Electric: Dominic Lopez
Wardrobe Stylist: Dani Pennington
Hair & Makeup: Edin Carpenter
Production Designer: Zac Massett
Prop Master: Cory Ahtoong
Prop Master/Builder: Tommy Guyer
Art PA: Mike Burke
Art PA: Kevin Gaudet
Craft Services: Cheryl Wilderson
PA: Kevin Verlander
PA: TJ Hawkinson
PA: Steve Kinion
PA: Ryan Fagan

Video Transcript

I wanna shimmer, I wanna shine, I wanna add sparkle to my line.
I wanna paint some Dazzles
Introducing all new Gelarti Dazzle stickers.
Turn plain lines into sparkle and shine.
Roll on the glamour and show off your star power.
Paint your own designs.
Just peel and replace again and again.
I wanna star, I wanna shine, I wanna show off my design.
I wanna paint some Dazzles
Design studio and extra stickers sold separately.
Another bright idea from Moose